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Ecoflor are a specialist supplier and installer of unique Ecotraz terrazzo and polished concrete floor finishes.

We install a range of Ecotraz terrazzo and polished concrete finishes for decorative and commercial applications Worldwide.

Ecoflor also are global HTC Superfloor polished concrete installers. Visit our polished concrete microsite: www.polishedconcrete.co.uk.

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Rapid Installation Terrazzo Finishes

Our seamless terrazzo floor systems can be installed faster and more econmically than other terrazzo systems with a vast range of colours and blends. Unique colours with time / cost savings make terrazzo an attractive option.

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Ecotraz Terrazzo Floor Finishes

A revolutionary progression of classic terrazzo floors. Seamless, high quality terrazzo finishes for high traffic retail and commercial environments, Economic, Rapid Installation.

Ecotraz PC Concrete Overlay

Designer tinted levelling compounds polished to give a silky, polished concrete feel. Endless design possibilites with colours, hues, shades, grains and iridescent effects.

Superfloor™ Polished Concrete

Environmentally friendly and durable, HTC Superfloor produces highly durable floor solutions for both new build and refubishment projects.

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Request a quote from Ecoflor at anytime whilst visitng our website by clicking the Quote request at the bottom of each product page.


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