Ecotraz Polished Concrete Overlay Topping

Architects, consultants, retailers and property owners worldwide are rapidly picking up the latest trend : The Concrete Look.

Parquet floors are declining due to the ecological impact, carpets and tiles are mainstream, and vinyl is dated. Ecotraz PC cement based toppings are the future. Ecotraz PC is installed rapidly, and grinded and polished as smooth as silk.

Available in concrete grey, or a range of natural tones, Ecotraz PC polished concrete topping can build your brand or strengthen your corporate image.

Functional and discreet, Ecotraz PC is easy to maintain giving that designer feel.


Ecotraz PC - Polished Concrete Topping

Fully seamless designer tinted levelling compounds polished to give a silky, polished concrete feel.

Endless design possibilites with colours, hues, shades, grains and iridescent effects


Looking for a Seamless Terrazzo Floor?

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