About Ecotraz by Ecoflor

Ecoflor install bespoke cementitous floor systems with coloured blends, textures and finishes tailored to client's specific requirements.

We provide a complete specialist floor installation service and work with clients from concept to completion ensuring success in both performance and aesthetics. Each floor specification and installation is tailored to ensure current and future performance criteria against cost and time constraints.

Where can Ecotraz Terrazzo & Polished Concrete be installed?

Ecotraz Special Features

Rapid Installation Technology

Our specially developed Ecotraz cementitious matrix technology means that finished terrazzo surfaces can be achieved as little as 5 days from base installation. Thid can lead to project time and cost savings..

Seamless Installation - No Grout Lines

Our systems are installed using seamless cementitious technology meaning there are no grout lines associated with traditional terrazzo tile systems. This is often the first point of failure requiring early refurbishment.

Custom Coloured Background Matrix

In addition to standard colour blends, our specially developed binder matrix can be turned into almost any colour variance introducing an incredible variety of design posiblities without the cost constraints of resin type systems.

Aggregate Blending

We can blend any combination of aggregate in varying quantities giving an almost endless choice of decorative grain blends in addition to the background matrix. Custom blends can be designed for corporate branding with ease.

Why Choose an Ecotraz Floor?

A well-specified floor will lead to a brighter, cleaner, safer and more attractive environment.Choosing the wrong type of floor can lead to personal injuries or premature failure resulting in frequent maintenance or early replacement.

Avoid Terrazzo Tile Failure & Costly Repairs .......

Choose an Ecotraz Seamless Floor.


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